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Unintended Consequences

"A great story about faith, guts and invincibility!"
Vince Papale, former Philadelphia Eagles football player, and author of book and subject of Disney movie (2006) Invincible.

Bill Shaner delivers a powerful inspirational message of healing and hope. Bill is a dynamic speaker, coach and author of Unintended Consequences: Lessons From a Life Almost Lost. Filled with unprecedented insights, Unintended Consequences relives that fateful day in 1989 and how Bill's life was changed in extraordinary ways. After surviving a near death experience, Bill was left a paraplegic, told by doctors that he would never walk again. Yet, after impossible odds, and an amazing encounter with God, Bill slowly regained the use of his legs and was discharged after only three months in the hospital.

This powerful and insightful book delves into the hard won spiritual truths uncovered by Bill in the following twenty years as he tried to make sense of this horrific accident and an amazing recovery. "We all have a say in the outcome of our experience," says Bill.  In addition, he shares the traits he was taught to show you how to do it as well.

Let Bill help you get unstuck with your life. Learn how to let go of excuses. Learn the secrets to thinking successfully. Create the life you want and deserve. Find out why you are the only one holding yourself back. Bill is a life-purpose coach and as one client shared, "I lived with an overwhelming, constant fear of a lack of money.  Through my coaching with Bill, he suggested that I change my thoughts to focus on what I wanted instead of what I lacked. It worked.  I am out of debt and have more money rather than less"--CKMurray

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